luxury quality

We only use the finest materials in our garments, offering superior comfort and durability.

perfect fit

Each piece is meticulously custom measured to fit provide the most natural and comfortable fit

Timeless Style

In SABOTAGE, you'll stand out and blend in. Our designs are bold and unique, with the subtlety to perfectly pair with your everyday wardrobe.


We offer luxury streetwear at easily affordable prices. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best everyday.

The Story

We are SABOTAGE, a comfort-driven streetwear brand, founded and based in the beautiful Surrey Hills, UK.

Here's our founder, Sabastian De Vaux (look at him, hard at work).

He created the brand to offer all of what he felt no other brand offered in their clothing:
Luxury Quality, Comfortable Fit, Style and Affordability.

Sabotage was born to be that brand.

Our pieces are designed with the same premium, super soft materials used by luxury brands, the perfect fit and timeless style, but without the premium price tag.

OUR goal is simple

To make exclusive high end fashion more inclusive.

We are sabotaging the fashion industry.

Got a spare minute to make history with us?